I can provide DVD or Blu-ray discs with customised covers, menus and disc labels as appropriate and make duplicate runs of up to 100 copies.

Background music is often very helpful for promotional films. I can find music for you, or you can provide your own, but you need to be aware of the requirement to pay the relevant copyright fees. You can even use local expertise…

Charitable Rates
I offer a 50% reduction for editing on normal costs for certain types of organisations which work overseas. I do not charge for filming, only requiring costs for things like travel, accommodation and insurance to be met. With low overheads, I am able to charge minimum prices for very competitive work.

For more information or to place an order, please email me at:




I look forward to serving you.

Filming on Location
This involves travelling to whatever locations you work in and capturing the essence of your activities in a revealing yet sympathetic light.
I have considerable experience in filming projects overseas, working alongside national leaders as well as expatriate partners, and interviewing them, either in English or by translation.

Note that most of my equipment is deliberately lightweight so that I am able to film in remote areas and discreetly if required.


I also specialize in full digital editing and I endeavour to keep abreast of the latest technology wherever possible to ensure good quality productions. I am currently able to film in HD (High Definition) and also have the full capability of editing material in that format. Depending on the film format, I can also provide an editing service for those with existing VHS, DV or HDV footage, and can advise you on feasibility.


I am able to write commentaries for documentary type films and provide voice-overs if required, though organisations are welcome to provide their own commentators to accompany the productions made for them.